The Basic Mindset Affect Your Playing Style

Before you playing poker, you should ask yourself what exactly is the reason you play poker?. Your answer is what will affect the basic mindset of your playing style. So be very careful in setting your reasons for playing poker online especially real money poker.
At least there are some common reasons people put forward. Among others:

Bluffing Factors In Hold`em Poker

Bluffing is the art of poker to trick the other players. So they`ll believing you have the best hands when in fact you hold a weaker hands or not the best hands combination and that you have a weaker hand when you are actually holding a solid hand. The reason you want to do this is so that players will fold to out of the game and you can win the pot. In the game of poker, doing bluffing art at the right time is very important and very meaningful. Why? Because the act of bluffing will give a very good effect to establish your Table Image.

Example :

Drawing Hands You Must Know

Drawing hand is an incomplete hand combination of cards and need one or two more cards to make the best combination of poker hands to win the pot was at stake.
In poker there are several types of drawing hands :
1. Open Ended Straight Draw ( OESD )
Situation where you have a combination of four consecutive cards of 2 pieces of cards you hold ( hole card ) and 3-card hand that appears on the flop round, then you need one or more consecutive cards to make a straight combination ( Also known as an outside straight draw ).
Example :

How To Choose Poker Starting Hands

In the poker games there are many things that can increase your percentage chance of victory that can positively impact your game. One of them is that you must be selective to choose the starting hands you will play on a particular poker position.
To be easily understood, below is a table starting hands in general election: